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Suffering from Burn-Out?

Are you living with Burn-Out?  Burn-out is something that’s ofen attached to the Corporate world.  But you don’t have to be in Corporate to suffer from Burn-out. Marion was exhausted.  She was self-employed and her business was relatively new.  She’d been slowly building up a reputation and a clientelle, but the money wasn’t “rolling-in” as […]

Bach Flowers. Overcoming SAD

Feeling SAD?  Would you like some help? Winter seems to be dragging on.  Yes I know the Crocuses are in flower so it means that spring is on its way, but if you’re suffering from winter blues or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) that doesn’t really help does it, because the overcast and heavy days, the […]

Bach Flowers. Steering A Steady Course Through Challenging Times

It’s often been said that the only thing that’s constant in our lives is change.  Everything is changing all the time.  You only need to give it a moment’s thought to see how much our world is changing and as our world changes so does our lives.  We are living through challenging times and its […]

The Courage and Confidence Mix

Brian was in his 50s when he came to see me and he had only one problem.  Well, he had more than one problem; he had lots of problems and they all related to lack of courage and confidence. Few people realise the far reaching affects of lack of confidence.  It can bring deep despair […]

“What do you think I should do ….?”

Do you live with indecision and uncertainty?  Do you find yourself asking others “What do you think I should do”?  If it’s difficult to make up your mind and stick to your decision, then there’s a Bach Flower Remedy to help you. Difficult to make up your mind There are two remedies for indecision, Scleranthus and […]

Bach Blog. Spending New Year with Loneliness?

As 2017 slips away and 2018 begins its journey, I wonder what you’re doing this evening.   Perhaps you’re going partying and are heading out to meet friends, or going into out with your loved ones to see the festive lights and fireworks. Or perhaps you’re one of the millions who will be lonely this evening.  […]