Monthly Archives: December 2014

Law of Attraction – Create your Dreams

2015 is nearly upon us.  Another new year and another adventure beckons us. An adventure that is richly abundant and filled with joy.  It’s time to enjoy our journey.  We all have dreams and visions and maybe ideas, plans and projects for 2015.  But without the foundation of 2014, they’ll stand on shaky ground. As […]

Law of Attraction – Do you have the X-Factor?

Did you watch the finals of the X-Factor on Sunday evening?  I did. I was very comfortable on the sofa watching the last two contestants (Ben and Fleur) sing from their heart, with every ounce of everything they had in them, to entertain the crowd at the Wembley and the millions watching at home. How […]

Law of Attraction – An Unusual Success Story

We all have our own idea about success. The other day someone said to me “how can you be teaching this ‘stuff’ when you’re not successful yourself?” I asked “How do you know I’m not successful?” They replied “You don’t have a big house and a big car.” So, we now know their measure success […]

Law of Attraction – Reflection and Change

It’s the beginning of December already. Do you think this year has gone fast? I do. It just seems the other day (well maybe a bit longer than the other day) that I made the commitment to write a weekly blog for 6 months, and then in June committed myself to another 6 months. I’ve […]