Monthly Archives: April 2017

Bach Flower Remedy For Hope And Purpose

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve watch a BBC documentary programme called Mind over Marathon. The BBC gathered together a group of 10 people who felt hopeless and were suffering for despair, depression and anxiety, who were so desperate that they were willing to undertake the very public BBC Challenge – to run the […]

Anxious about Exams?

Exam time is upon us once again. There is huge pressure for our teenagers to do really well in their exams. Bach Flower Remedies are a natural and simple way to help with the anxiety of exams (and all anxieties and fears. They can allay anxiety and fears and boost confidence. Clematis. If your child […]

A True Story of Transformation

I seem to have been writing about negativity a lot lately.  I’m tired of it and I’m sure you are too.  So I’m going to focus on the positive today.  Let’s talk about positive living. Positive living is more than just positive thinking.  It’s more than ‘thinking positive’ during a crisis or when you’re troubled.  […]