Monthly Archives: February 2014

Rugby and the Law of Attraction

  I’ll state emphatically from the start, that I am not a sports fan.  However, I do like to rugby even though I have only scanty knowledge of the game. My mother used to call it the most barbaric game she’d ever seen – but it didn’t stop her going!    There are two important tournaments: […]

Teachings of Abraham-Hicks

Have you heard of the Teachings of Abraham-Hicks? Perhaps you’re working with these teachings? They came into my life in 2007 and I’ve been consistently working with them since. I get a new download of one of their seminars every fortnight. I think the singular most powerful piece of their teachings that helps me is […]

Love and the Law of Attraction

Valentine’s Day and a full moon A full moon and Valentine’s Day on the same day – that’s a double opportunity for romance and love to flourish.  Won’t the Law of Attraction have a delicious time with that?  Falling is love is a wonderful experience and it’s often  connected with ‘moonlight and roses’ and we […]

See saw on the Law of Attraction

They say, “its all about balance”!    But is it, I ask?  Do we really want to be in balance all the time?  When I was young, I would sometimes stand astride the centre of the see-saw.  I would transfer my weight from one side to another, until I had found the sweet point, where the […]