You and the Law of Attraction
with Rose Todd

Living your dream.  Loving your life. 

One of the ´╗┐simplest ´╗┐secrets of manifestation is that our feelings are the creative power. Behind every thought there's a feeling that's indicating when you are on the right path...

Talks and Workshops

I hold a regular monthly meeting, where we discuss the Law of Attraction in relation to topical subjects that concern the group. There are the lively and interactive meetings with a great deal of chat and laughter over tea and biscuits!

Read Rose's Latest Book!

This and That: A Tea-and-Biscuit Philosophy on Life and the Law of Attraction is a collection of personal anecdotes. Rose writes in an easy-to-understand style with wit and humour, showing us that good philosophy is fun and entirely practical.

Audio and Video

Watch and listen to me talking about the Law of Attraction. Here we have an ever expanding multi media section of online videos and audios all designed to help to understand the Law of Attraction and how to conciously apply to your daily life.