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Simple Spirituality with Bach Flower Remedies

"So long as our Souls and personalities
are in harmony, all is joy and peace:
happiness and health".
Edward Bach.
(PS - notice happiness comes first, then health!")

New Online Progamme

My latest programme features two Bach online programmes in one package. Firstly you get Foundation Course, This is my 'Start Here' Course. You also get the Diploma Course, this is my advanced course for professionals and practitioners.

Read Rose's Latest Book

Simply Bach Flowers by Rose Todd is an excellent handbook for those new to Bach Flowers, as well as professional prescribers.
It blends Bach’s philosophy with modern-day spirituality as it describes the simplicity of the Bach Flower healing system.

Watch Bach Videos

Watch and listen to videos about Bach Flower Remedies. Here we have an ever expanding multi media section of online videos and audios all designed to help to understand the Bach Flower Remedies and how to conciously apply to your daily life.