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Bach Blog: A Lighthouse in the stormy seas of Covid-19

The beam of the light house moved slowly through its circle, calling our attention to the hazards beneath the turbulent waves of the stormy sea. The light house could be considered ‘an angel of the sea’ as it flashes its warnings of dangers lurking in the dark water below.   We have been living through a […]

Bach Flower Help for Carers Caring for Covid-19 at Home

Caring for a loved one who has Covid-19 (or any other harsh and painful disease for that matter) can be extremely distressing.  I can only imagine what you’re going through at this difficult time.  So, after considerable thought, I’ve come up with some remedy suggestions that might be helpful to you.   However, if these suggestions […]

A quick taster of the book Simply Bach Flowers

Simply Bach Flowers Here is the back cover of my new Bach Flower book: Simply Bach Flowers, and the Contents list to give you a flavour of the book that can bring deep emotional healing. Healing your feelings definitely does change your life.  Back Cover  The Bach Flower Remedy system is a complementary therapy at […]

Mental Awareness Week with Bach Flower Remedies

Mental Awareness Week      How have you manged in Lockdown 3? All who write to me, everyone I speak to has found this third lock hardest of all.  And all seem to be suffer from anxieties and fears.  So I’ve put together a few suggestions for Bach Flower Remedies that could perhaps help you. First, […]

Natural. Simple Help with Anxiety

We’re living through two pandemics at the moment.  One is acknowledged (and there is enough written and spoken about Covid, so we don’t need to go there), except that this wretched, highly contagious virus increased the instensity and depth of anxiety to create the seccond pandemic.  This second epidemic is equally as leathal and devasting […]

Bach Flowers. Care for the Carers

Care for the Carers. Fortunately, a lot of those who need care, receive it.  There’s a vast army of people who do the caring, and sometimes they just work on, quietly in the back ground.  But they need help too. There’s lots of stories about those in need of care but not so many about […]

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