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Not enough for Christmas

Not Enough Christmas is one of the most stressful times of the year, so how do you feel about Christmas?  If you could sum up your main concern about Christmas, what would it be?  A young friend of mine said “Not enough. Just not enough for Christmas” Experiencing failure doesn’t mean you’re a failure. When […]

Medicine Man to Mystic. Bach’s Transformational Journey

This is the story of Edward Bach’s transformational journey from Medicine Man to Mystic.  Bach died on 27th November 1936 (81 years ago) so I’d like to dedicate this article to this amazing man, his discoveries and the development of his incredibly powerful healing system – the Bach Flower Remedies. Perhaps ‘Mystic’ is not quite […]

Bach Blog. Do You Live With A Domineering Control Freak?

Do you live with a domineering ‘control freak’?   Maybe you’re one yourself – or is it that everyone else is plain ‘stupid’ or an ‘idiot’?    Most of the remedies we buy are for ourselves because we can recognise that we are irritable, anxious or lack confident.  But no one is going to admit that […]

The A Word – Children on the Autistic Spectrum

This is not like my usual blogs but I believe it’s important.  I recently watched a programme about a young boy who was on the Autistic Spectrum.  It was very interesting, but very sad – for the child and the parents. Please don’t click away now.  I know this subject is not relevant to everyone. […]

Bach Blog. Fears Of The Unknown

Being afraid and knowing what you’re afraid of is bad enough, but being filled with vague fears of the unknown is even worse! If you sometimes get an eerie feeling that something dreadful is going to happen – but have no idea what it is or how it could happen – then the Bach Flower Remedy […]

Bach First Aid for Fireworks Night

There’s something magical about fireworks. Whether you’re a child or still a child at heart, seeing rockets of light shooting high into the sky and then exploding into a myriad of different coloured sparks is enchanting, beautiful and exciting.  Unless that is, you don’t like fireworks and then fireworks night is a nightmare. So I […]

Bach Blog. Not Learning From Experience

You’ve heard people say “oh, so and so has happened again.  I’m obviously not learning my lesson about this”! Or “I’ve done it again – when will I learn?”  Well that sums up this week’s remedy.    Chestnut Bud – the second ‘non-flower’ flower remedy of the Bach Flower Remedies as it’s made from the […]

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