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Bach Blog. Fears Of The Unknown

Being afraid and knowing what you’re afraid of is bad enough, but being filled with vague fears of the unknown is even worse! If you sometimes get an eerie feeling that something dreadful is going to happen – but have no idea what it is or how it could happen: if sometimes you feel as if […]

Bach To The Rescue on Fireworks Night

There’s something magical about fireworks. Whether you’re a child or still a child at heart, seeing rockets of light shooting high into the sky and then exploding into a myriad of different coloured sparks is enchanting, beautiful and exciting.  Unless that is, you don’t like fireworks and then fireworks night is a nightmare. So I […]

Bach Flowers. Fear and Anxiety

Bach Remedies for Fear and Anxiety Ping. Another email dropped into my Inbox asking which Bach remedy should they take for anxiety.  So as this seems to trouble a lot of people, I thought I’d write to you,  just in case you suffer from fears and anxieties too. Before you start looking for the remedy […]