Monthly Archives: November 2014

Law of Attraction – Thanksgiving Day

I’d like to wish those of you in the United States and the Americans away from home, a Happy Thanksgiving Day for Thursday this week. Mr Wikipedia tells me that Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday that is celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessings of the harvest of the year. What […]

Law of Attraction: Three Top Tips

I’ve had a few emails from you this week that have the theme of feeling caught or trapped in your negative emotions so I thought I’d tell you my three top tips for changing your emotions. Please don’t imagine that you can go from feeling despair, depressed or anger or being sad straight up to […]

Law of Attraction – I’ve Done It Again!

Los Angeles airport was packed. It was worse than a supermarket on Christmas Eve with people shuffling their trolleys between people and suitcases.  There were so many people with so many more suitcases: huge cases that were bulging at the seams and straining at their zips. My daughter niftily navigated our trolley through the milling […]

Blog From LA : Endings and Beginnings

Friday dawned and we were sure we were still in England. The sky was grey and the wind was cold. There was no chance of even the most-hardy sitting by the pool. And it rained on Saturday. However things have returned to normal, and today it is another lovely sunny day in California. My seminar […]