Monthly Archives: February 2015

Law of Attraction: Are we there yet?

Do you feel that it’s taking the law of attraction a long time  to deliver your dream? Do you wonder if it’s ever going to happen….?  I was thinking this morning about children and holidays. If you’ve ever taken your children away on holiday – particularly if it’s going to take a long time to get […]

Are you ready for transformation?

If you’re not – pity! Everything at the moment, seems to be about transformation. A favourite blog arrived in my In-box yesterday, asking the question ‘How long does it take to turn your life around?’     Just in case you’re interested, the answer is – a moment. It only takes a moment to say […]

Law of Attraction and Love

Dizzy. Delightful.  Delicious.  Exciting. Exhilaration that sparks to ecstasy.  Romantic love!  The most wonderful feeling ever.  It is intoxicating.  Do you remember the first time or the last time you fell in love? Of course you do.  It’s not something we’ll forget quickly.  You were walking on air and deliriously happy.  Isn’t that just the […]