Law of Attraction: Are we there yet?

Do you feel that it’s taking the law of attraction a long time  to deliver your dream?

Do you wonder if it’s ever going to happen….? 

I was thinking this morning about children and holidays. If you’ve ever taken your children away on holiday – particularly if it’s going to take a long time to get ‘there’ – it can be tedious and trying for everyone!

Nothing now!

As soon as you leave home, they start eating all the snacks that are supposed to keep them occupied for the whole trip.

With nothing to do or eat, with not enough room for them to move about, they start to squabble with each other to keep themselves occupied.

The promise of a glorious prize at the end of the journey does pacify them for a while, but even focusing on something wonderful in the future doesn’t keep them happy for very long. They get bored and the irritated and keep saying ‘are we nearly there yet?’

They want something fun to do NOW!

Putting our happiness in the future

Do you know that we are just the same? We believe that something or someone in life, is going to make us happy. While we’re thinking about our goal, we’re happy, but just like the kids on the long journey, it doesn’t last long as we can’t live in a day-dream, and we move back into the stresses and strains of the day.

Long journey to happiness

We too are bored with the long journey to get to ‘happiness’.   Some of us over eat (just like the children); some of us Egg_timersquabble and argue with people, which does help pass the time. And some of us give up hope of ever getting ‘there’.

I was thinking, this morning – ‘isn’t it a shame that we don’t enjoy what’s going on in our lives Now?

What do I mean by that? We can only feel and experience life, Now – in this moment. As Ekhart Tolle said, ‘if you miss Now, you miss everything’.

The key to manifestation

When you set off on holiday, perhaps driving five hours to Cornwall or eight hours to Scotland, you want the children to be happy while they’re on the journey: you want the journey to be just as exciting as the holiday.

You also ask (more frequently than you realise)  ‘are we nearly there yet?’  as you once again, notice that your manifestation hasn’t been delivered!

If you doubt your dream will arrive and are constantly ask ‘when’ and ‘how’ it will be delivered – it’ll never come.

Don’t focus on what you think is missing in your life – find something to look at NOW that makes you happy while you’re on your journey ‘there’.

Be happy on your journey and the Law of attraction will deliver your dream sooner.  

I’ve developed a brilliant tool, and laid down a solid strategy to help you plan where you want to go, and how you can enjoy the journey to successful manifestation.  It’s called The 30 Day Diary.  Have a look.  I know you’ll love it – as so many others have.


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