You up for transformation?

We all love a good story, especially a ‘heroine’s’ story of transformation.

And one that tells of the Law of Attraction is a double whammy.  Today I’d like to tell you about Claire’s transformation.

Claire had been in her job for some time. Over all she liked the work, but there were lots of things that were beginning to annoy her.  The people were so negative and the whole atmosphere in the office was heavy. Claire wasn’t sure whether to leave or ask for a transfer.

However, suddenly there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

The company was putting together a small team of people to do new and exciting work.  This was just what Claire was looking for and she felt she had all the right qualifications, leadership qualities and personality traits.  She was really enthusiastic about this position.

And so she came to see me. Her opening line was ‘I want this job and I want you and the Law of Attraction to help me get it!’

During our 4, 1 hour sessions, this is what we did. 

For Claire to get this position, she had to become that person: she had to change who she was, to become the person who was part of the small elite team.

Claire had some misconceptions about the Law of Attraction, thinking that all she had to do was fill in the application form.

First, I ran through how the Law of Attraction really does work: that it always, and only ever, responds to you and every thought and feeling. We had to step up her self-confidence a gear: she had to ‘become’ part of this new elite team.

So I reminded her that she is the creator of her life and the power to create an exceptional life lies within her.  Then ran through the 3 most important things to remember about the Law of Attraction and the 4 steps to creation.

Now, standing on this solid foundation we were ready for the next step.

We took every quality listed on the application form and weaved it into a new ‘script’ telling a new story of her life.  And we built affirmations, where ever possible, using the same words that were on the application form.

I strongly urged Claire to write out the story of her new life each morning, imagining and visualising that she was actually living it.

The daily writing of the new script encouraged her to visualise and conjure up intense feelings. And to say her affirmations repeatedly throughout the day.

We arranged for her last session to be the day before her interview, so that she was on top form.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Claire got her dream job and transformed her life.

Can you imagine what it would be like to live your dream?  What would it mean to you to achieve your goals?  What would it mean to your family?

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