Monthly Archives: May 2014

Law of Attraction: Flying Free

If you have looked into consciously creating the things you want in your life, you will have read books and watched videos on You Tube about the law of attraction. And now you’re on my site reading the blog. You will have come to the conclusion that everyone is saying the same thing, but in […]

The ‘Law of Attention’

The law of attraction is probably the most powerful law in the universe: attraction being the operative word. Our universe is made up of electromagnetic energy – and there’s a give-away in that isn’t there. Its ‘magnetic’ – hence people say you are a ‘magnet’ and you ‘attract’ things into your life – which isn’t […]

Spirituality and the Law of Attraction

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, probably more than once “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” and also wondered about the meaning and purpose of life. These are deep and meaningful thoughts, so what are they doing in a (supposedly) light and frothy blog about creating the life of your dreams? Everything! Understanding your […]

Law of Attraction and Clarity

The dawn mist filled the vale of the South Field.  It seemed to roll gently up the hill on the far side of the field.  The tops of the trees in the small copse to the left were faintly visible through the mist but the neat rows of young plants, who had only recently pushed their heads […]