The ‘Law of Attention’

The law of attraction is probably the most powerful law in the universe: attraction being the operative word.

Our universe is made up of electromagnetic energy – and there’s a give-away in that isn’t there. Its ‘magnetic’ – hence people say you are a ‘magnet’ and you ‘attract’ things into your life – which isn’t strictly ; because you are the creator – you are the cause of your life.

There are a couple of things that are involved with the law of attraction that I’d like to mention, in the hope that they’ll help you create happier lives.

I know you’ve heard the saying “what you resist, persists”. Let’s turn this into the ‘law of attention’. We give our attention to whatever we’re looking at – or focusing on – and so therefore it manifests. I’m sure you’ve heard it said that it’s no more difficult to manifest a button or a castle – or £10 – or £10,000. And, in theory that’s true.

But in practice, you and I perhaps have found this not to be the case! Buttons are easy – £10,000 – a different kettle of fish.

There is a positive and negative to everything in our lives – and you know this, because the glass is either half empty or half full.

And there is also the saying there are two sides to every story. So, from our perspective, there are two sides to everything we want in life.

Life is good, because not only does it show us what we are creating with our thoughts and feelings, but as soon as we experience something we don’t like but a new desire is spontaneously born.

Life shows us what we’re creating, what we don’t want and sparks a new desire all at once. Life is truly a mirror of internal world.

So what does go on in the inner workings of your mind?

Do you spend more time focusing on what you haven’t got, with all the feelings of lack, disappointment, being discouraged – or do you focus on what you want; feeling the excitement and the anticipation because you expect your desire to unfold? (Expectation is a very powerful tool of creation – but I’ll leave this for another time).

You’re going to get more of what you focus on – the ‘law of attention’ says so – and the law of attraction delivery van delivers.

Choose where you put your focus. Make a conscious choice.

Helen Keller said some along the lines of – “be happy with where you are while you want for what you want”. Feel the feelings of what is coming, rather than focus on what is wrong with what you’ve got.


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Rose Todd

  • Alphons Elvin says:

    How true it is. Thoughts never remain positive all the time.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Alphons. Thanks for the comment. Emotions are like a river and they take their shape from the river bank, or from the situations we’re looking at. Feelings have go to change – and it really does take practice to hold a positive attitude. Thanks for writing. Rose

  • Lynda Watson says:

    Dear Rose, your gentle, wise, thoughts and words always seem to reach me just when I need them. Thank you 🙂 from Lynda

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Lynda. Thank you for your kind words. They are much appreciate. Keep well. Rose

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