Monthly Archives: July 2015

Law of attraction. Happiness

I love some of the TV adverts. Sometimes they are more interesting than the programmes and come are packed with my kind of philosophy. Let me tell you about an advert for a luxury car. This advert is almost in black and white – or rather it’s in different shade of grey. Imagine. In the […]

Law of Attraction – Easy security and abundance

You know that you create your own reality. Apart from me telling you, you’ve read The Secret and other books; watched talks on You Tube and read about manifestation. Yes, you know you can create everything you want in life. You’ve even created some wonderful stuff and yet, sometimes, somehow, some things don’t manifest.   […]

Law of Attraction – Gone fishin’.

I’ve gone fishin’.  Not literary of course – although I could have done, except putting worms on hooks is enough to put me off, before I get round to fishing. I speak figuratively, you understand.  It’s Wimbledon and I’ve been watching the tennis all week.  But I haven’t been idle. I’ve been knitting.  I haven’t […]

Law of Attraction. Not a dirty word!

If you didn’t come to the Afternoon Booster on Saturday, you missed a treat! We had a great time with many wonderful questions and plenty of Aha-moments. I love seeing people’s faces light up when they have an insight! And of course, there’s always time to chat over tea and biscuits. Included in the afternoon […]