Law of Attraction – Gone fishin’.

I’ve gone fishin’. 

Not literary of course – although I could have done, except putting worms on hooks is enough to put me off, before I get round to fishing.

I speak figuratively, you understand.  It’s Wimbledon and I’ve been watching the tennis all week.  But I haven’t been idle.

Law-of-attraction-have-fun I’ve been knitting.  I haven’t knitted for a long time and suddenly I felt the urge so bought a book of toy patterns and have been happily churning out knitted floppy dogs for a couple of weeks.  It is hugely satisfying.

And what could all this possibly do with creating my own life and the law of attraction? 

If I’m thinking in terms of goals – it depends on the goals.  I want to knit 3 floppy dogs to be raffled for the dancing school to raffle at the end of term – that’s Friday 17th.  (I have a Saturday morning job with a local dancing school and am on the PTA.  I’m not a parent – but I do dance – tap!  (Don’t laugh!)

I have achieved and reached my goal. However, it isn’t really a ‘noble’ goal is?  It’s not going to contribute to my financial freedom goal, or to my new car goal, or my second-home-in-the mountains-by a stream goal.  But my latest pursuits have had a huge effect.

I’m playing and having fun.  I’ve spent more time on the phone to my friends than I have done in years.  I’m a (little) enthusiastic about cooking.  I haven’t ‘cooked’ for ages!  I’ve been playing with ideas of what to do next – I’ve taken time out and really enjoyed doing so.

So what is the law of attraction sending me – it’s bringing me more fun.  More friends to talk to, more ideas of what to cook and knit next.

And, as an aside, it’s also brought in more business, with opportunities to teach about Bio-chemic Tissue Salts and Bach Flower Essences.   (I love ‘playing’ with these too).

In a nutshell, I’ve taken time out and really enjoyed myself – and the universe has delivered to me, more things to enjoy – including some of the things that were on my goals-list – and all because I’m having fun.

The moral of today’s blog is – have fun.

How long is it since you walked barefoot on the grass?  Went dancing?  Walked along the river?  Laughed with a friend until you cried and your belly ached?

Go fishing – literary or metaphorically – and watch, expectantly, to see what delights the universe delivers.

Have fun.


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