Monthly Archives: July 2017

Money Quiz. Money Story

This short Money Quiz, and the subsequent Money-Story is to help you establish the foundation of your money-story you’re your relationship with money. Free Webinar It’s not a prerequisite before watching the webinar but it will certainly help you understand why your money situation is as it is before you take the webinar to help […]

Bach Flower Blog. I can’t make a decision.

“I can’t make up my mind.  I can’t make a decision”.   Indecision is so difficult to live with!  If you’re familiar with these feeling, then you’ll know it brings its own brand of anxiety because your mind seems to be on a seesaw.  I’m not talking about small everyday decisions you make without giving […]

Bach Blog. Irritable. Frustrated. Quick Solution

A while back I read a Facebook post that said “I’m so frustrated.  Everyone’s driving me nuts”.  I can show you a quick way to quell these feelings of frustration when things aren’t happening fast enough for you. To do so, means telling you a story – one of my own stories (which I don’t […]