Monthly Archives: August 2015

Law of Attraction and Abraham-Hicks

I was listening to one of Abraham- Hick’s latest downloads and I picked up on something interesting. They were saying, that we can have 10 projects on the go (that might seem a lot, but I bet if you got yourself a cup of tea and made a list, you probably have 10 things on […]

Law of Attraction – Feeling our way there.

Over the hills and a great way off – that’s where we went today. We went to visit Meg and her Daughters, and of course, no afternoon outing is complete without a stop at a nearby café for coffee and cake. This time, the ‘coffee-stop’ was special. It was an organic café attached to a […]

Law of attraction. Make life easier

By the time you read this, I’ll be up in beautiful Cumbria for a short holiday. I love visiting my family. Life is peaceful there. I’m going by train this time. Even though it’s only a train ride and a short holiday, there’s still planning to do. In other words: I treat my holiday like […]