This and That: A Tea-and-Biscuit Philosophy on Life and the Law of Attraction Book

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"I can vouch for this book being a brilliant little asset. You can read an uplifting and thought provoking short story or anecdote in less than a minute in the morning. I've built it into my daily routine - another little positive habit tip!"

Deborah Hatch

"This is a light-hearted, fun and inspirational read which reflects Rose's wit, humour and wisdom. It's full of wonderful nuggets of advice and tips on how to live your best life."

Sue Stone

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"Simple stories... quick to read, but deep and meaningful. Often just what I need to get me back on a positive path"

Emma Saddler

"Why didn't I find this earlier?  Fantastic - such wise observations for a happier life, put across in ways I can grasp and put into action!  Glad I've got it now..."

Pam Humphreys 

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Sample sections:

Stepping Stones

The path wandered beside a fast–flowing stream. The sunlight danced on the water as it rushed along to its destination and it looked as if it had been sprinkled with diamonds.

There was a crossing place–stepping stones. One or two of the stones were a natural part of the stream and some had been strategically placed to make crossing easier.

‘Easier’ being a relative term. Some of the stones were sharp and some wobbly. It required concentration to maintain balance so that you didn’t slip into water. The stream wasn’t deep, but it was wet–and probably cold too! Sometimes the distance between stones was short, but taking that step could be hazardous.

Life is a string of stepping stones. Even though you might be on a wobbly stone that is causing you anxiety and worry, this stone is showing you the way to the next stone ahead.

You may not like where you are, but being where you are is the only way to get to where you want to be.

Life is a series of stepping stones. Life flows through us, drawing us forward. There is always more and we’ll never get it done!

Law of Attraction

There is a continuous flow of Consciousness that is Universal Energy. This energy has many names: Source Energy: Universal Force Field and God/Goddess/All That Is, to mention a few. It is also referred to by some as the Universal Mind of God.

The Universal Mind is un-manifested energy. It’s the substance out of which all physical things are made. Can you imagine an infinite lump of clay that you can mould and shape into anything you want? The Universal Force Field is such a lump of clay. Source Energy is available for us to sculpt and carve it into whatever physical form we like.

We are part of the Universal Mind. All That Is is perfection and creates our lives in accordance with our thoughts and feelings; our beliefs and attitudes. Our inner picture of the world is reproduced perfectly.

We can learn how the Universal Mind works and we can create unlimited abundance, health and well-being and greater happiness. It always creates every detail we think and feel.

The method by which our thoughts and feelings become our physical world is now called the Law of Attraction. It can also be called Cause and Effect.

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