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  • This illustrated, fold-out, guide gives an overview of all 38 remedies including Rescue Remedy (Also Know as "5 Flower")...
  • It’s the quickest way for you to decide which remedies you need for your situation.   Simply select up to 6 remedies that match your scenario.  
  • Dr Bach's Flower Essences soothes our feelings helps us to regain our sense of calm, composure and well-being!
  • How to take the essences, including dosage guidelines, is detailed on the inside front cover of the Pocket Prescriber.
  • I'll send you the printed guide sheets for FREE, all I ask is that you cover a small postage and packaging fee.  
  • Just, fill in your details and your guides will be in the next post to you... 

These Bach Flower Guides are truly excellent! I highly recommend them.... I'm a big fan of the Bach Flower Remedies. From personal experience, I can say that they are very effective in resolving unbalanced emotional states.

Peter Bowman

How long will it take to get to me?
I visit the post office at the end of every day, so I'll get your package in the next available postal delivery.  If you are in the UK, then it may take a day or two... or it may be 'next day'.  Please note that International postage will take longer, perhaps 3 - 5 days.

About Rose...
Bach Flower Remedies are my passion and I enjoy getting the word our to as many people as I can.  This is because I see the changes that they make to my clients' lives every day.  I can cover the cost of designing, producing and printing out my guides and I think that it is reasonable to ask for a bit of help with the postage... don't you?