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Have you ever looked back on your life and recognised those vital trigger moments?

Maybe you're at one now reading this? Perhaps you don't even know it yet! Often dreadful situations that hold you in deep despair and anxiety become the breakthrough that changes your whole perspective on life.

This was true for me.

My beautiful daughter was very ill for months, and I felt helpless as I watched. A retching cough that came in spasms, racked her small body and made her vomit. The drugs the doctor gave her made her cough more and so she became reluctant to eat.

At seven years old, my daughter weighed just 35lbs.

After a particularly vicious coughing spasm, I retreated into the kitchen. I was at my wits end. I let out a little prayer "There has to be another way". At that point I turned on the radio.

I rarely put the radio on, but that action changed the course of our whole lives.

A homoeopath was being interviewed. I'd never heard of homoeopathy, but what he said gave me hope for my daughter. I rang him, and he said, "give me 12 months and I'll make her well". And he did.

One of the remedies he gave her was a Bach Flower Remedy.

Her cough began to ease; it was less frequent and of shorter duration. It was a slow and steady improvement and I was delighted.

I was absolutely stunned by the change in her character made by the Bach Flower Remedy. Within three days, she seemed to flourish before my eyes. This was like a 'magic elixir' and I watched her blossom and begin to enjoy life.

I was hooked and telling everyone about this miracle, but no-one understood it and I realised, neither did I.

As well as wanting to know more, I'd seen how much better my daughter had become from taking the remedy and I wanted to feel better too.  Life was stressful.  As well as dealing with the stress of family life our country was fighting a terrorist war.  This affected the very foundation of life.

Above all else, I wanted to feel better.  I was searching for relief.

I bought a book on the Bach Flowers and in the introduction it mentioned that Edward Bach, who had developed the remedies, was a deeply spiritual man. This resonated with me.

The more I learnt the more I wanted to know.

I was on a quest: I became a 'Seeker of Eternal Truth'. I became a homoeopath, which works on the principle of Like attracts Like and I learnt how our beliefs about ourselves and life show in our bodies as symptoms and ailments.

I already knew that we create our own reality before I started to study homoeopathy. It was studying the first unit that opened my eyes to the fact that it was based on the same principle.

I consider the 'radio moment' and my study of homoeopathy to be 'divine guidance' – my soul/high-self making or showing me the way.

Studying homoeopathy and Bach at the same time, I read about the vibrations of the remedies and the vibrations having to match how we were feeling. I was having an intense love affair with what I consider the most powerful system of healing available.

If you would like to find out more about Bach Flowers, I have opened an online Bach school called: The Bach Flower School  - Please click here to find out more!

Warm Wishes...

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