Law of Attraction – Feeling our way there.

Over the hills and a great way off – that’s where we went today.

We went to visit Meg and her Daughters, and of course, no afternoon outing is complete without a stop at a nearby café for coffee and cake.

This time, the ‘coffee-stop’ was special. It was an organic café attached to a mill that ground its own flour for the bread and cake of the café.

But, I’m ahead of myself.

As you know, knowing where you’re going is so important. It’s like setting a goal. And planning your journey is important too.

The first stage of our journey was down the motorway. That part of the drive was plain sailing (forgive the mixed metaphor). Then we moved onto the country roads.

We were going to see Meg and her Daughters in Little Salkeld which is close to Great Selkeld. This is helpful as Little Salkeld wasn’t on our map!

Content to head in the general direction, and always mindful that the joy is in the journey rather than reaching the destination, (although the organic cakes at the destination are particularly good), we enjoyed weaving and winding our way along country roads and very narrow lanes.

We drove through avenues of trees that formed a canopy overhead and closed out some out some sunlight. Down narrow lanes only wide enough for one car we went. Driving between stone walls and alongside hedgerows lined with white daisies, that bowed deeply as we passed, we made our way towards Great Selkeld.

The fields were like a patchwork quilt; different shades of green and yellow all divided neatly by stone walls. Sheep were grazing in some fields and cows in others. Lots of different cows: some were black with white spots, others white with black spots and some brown ones too. All grazing contentedly and didn’t pay us the slightest bit of attention as we drove on over small stone bridges, reading road signs where possible and feeling our way when there was no signs.

And we reached our destination!

Rose-MegMeg is a very large stone that stands outside a large stone circle: a Druid Stone Circle that is known as Meg’s Daughters.

This is me, talking to one of Meg’s Daughters.

I walked the round, touching some of the stones as I went by and talking to others. I also talked to a lovely lady from the Far East, now living in England, who had some very interesting things to say about healing energies.

Rose-Meg-2I walked the round absorbing the energy of the magnificent place. I couldn’t find out what went on in druid circles – it seems that even Mr Wikipedia isn’t sure! There are plenty of write ups about stone circles and modern Druidism, but not much that I could find on ancient sites.

I love stones circles and having walked the round and chatted to a few stones, it was time for delicious organic, home-milled and home baked cake!

Everyday you and I use the magic of knowing exactly where you are going, whether its a holiday plan or a trip to the shops  – the trick is to apply it to the ‘big stuff ‘ you want to happen as well….

Oh and make sure you enjoy the journey too!


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Rose Todd

  • Pat Wells says:

    Thank you Rose, as always your blogs are very comforting and remind us of how lucky we are to have some one show us the way and operate our powers of observation and senses. Continue your journey home in comfort and peace. The homecoming is also an experience to look forward to – Pat

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Pat. Thank you for your comment and your good wishes. I’m now home and back into the rhythm of life once again. I hope all is well with you. Rose

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