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By the time you read this, I’ll be up in beautiful Cumbria for a short holiday. I love visiting my family. Life is peaceful there.

I’m going by train this time. Even though it’s only a train ride and a short holiday, there’s still planning to do.

In other words: I treat my holiday like every other desire I want to make real.

Those of you who have worked with me,  will remember me saying – often- ‘Do the energy work first’.

Abraham-Hicks call it Pre-paving. This involves laying the ‘paving stones’ that are going to ensure I have a good holiday. Remember you can’t have a good holiday, if the journey there is fraught with distraction and disappointments.

Pre-paving involves generating positive expectation.

Expectation is so important. We have to expect our desires to manifest before they can. Also remember – we may not get what we want, but we always, always get what we expect – because our expectation is tied to our beliefs.  Cumbria-me + friend

My desire is to visit my family and a few old friends (see right) and to feed my soul in beautiful Cumbria.  My mind is full of happy thoughts. Visiting Whinlatter, a particularly beautiful park, is always high on my list. Stunning beauty is everywhere. Water. Mountains. Forests. This is pure Soul Food.

Chunk it down

My expectation of having a wonderful holiday is high. I’ve done the energy work, now I need to ground my dream with what Abraham calls Segment Intending. I call this ‘chunking-it-down’.

I usually divide the time between now and when I want to go away (or when I want to achieve my dream) into months, weeks and days.

Then I start clicking (on-line). – making my booking early means I get a really cheap Advanced Fare. And I like to be comfortable while I travel and enjoy the peace of the journey, so I book a forward-facing, widow seat with a table in the Quiet Coach. Pure luxury.  And I settle down with a book or my knitting. (Can you hear me purring from there?)

Avoiding panic

About 3 days before I leave, I then start planning backwards: planning the meals for the last few days, so I have an empty fridge when I leave. (I don’t want my fridge to go smelly while I’m away).

I also make sure I have something in the freezer I can have for supper when I get home.   And there is laundry to do. I allocate tasks to days and times, so that I know they’ll be done and I don’t have to rush and panic at the last minute – remember emotions are the creative power! Feelings of panic create confusion and chaos.

And the last thing is to book a taxi. I like to have plenty of time to catch the train and change stations. I enjoying sitting with a coffee while I wait for my connection. That’s part of my holiday too.

I know I’m going to have a wonderful holiday. I’ll be posting my ‘Postcards from Cumbria’ on my Facebook Page (Rose Todd Conscious Creation) with my insights of every day practical philosophy and hopefully some lovely photos too.

I used 2 of Abraham-Hick’s techniques that are essential steps to take if you want to turn your dream into a successful reality.

If you’re interested in the teachings of Abraham Hicks, have a look at my


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