Monthly Archives: August 2014

Law of Attraction and Vision Boards

The other day as I was trying to clear a space on my desk, I gave a heap of paper and some CD I hadn’t returned to their rack, a sharp push and they knocked my Vision Board over. The Vision Board fell to the floor. Crash! Not everything on the board was pinned or […]

Law of Attraction, Happiness Now

Are you waiting for something ‘better’ or ‘more’ to happen in life? Do you feel that when you get your new job, the bigger house or a loving relationship, then you’ll happy? I often am. Sometimes it seems as if I’m more ‘dissatisfied’ than I am ‘satisfied’ – always sure that when I had reached […]

Law of Attraction, It’s All an Inside Job!

I’ve mentioned to you before that you can’t get where you want to go, from where you are because of the nature of the law of attraction – like attracts like. It is just not possible because the vibration of where you are is different to the vibration of where you want to be and […]