Monthly Archives: April 2014

The Law of Attraction and Money Matters

Life is good.  It gives us all that we need.  It shows us what we are creating and at the same time it sparks our dreams and desires. It shows us where we are, what needs to change and in the same moment, it gives us glimpses of where we can go next.  To deliver […]

Nourish Your Soul

The daffodils growing at the base of the old stone wall, by the gate of the field, were gossiping. Their heads were sometimes nodding in agreement or shaking as they disapproved. They were having a good ol’ natter. “Oh, look – Rose is visiting again” one of them said.      “She’s early this year […]

The Law of Attraction and Success

Last weekend I took part in a Mind Body Soul event and had a lovely time. Looking forward I’d been looking forward to this event for some time as its one of my favourites and I hoped that the visitors to my stand would not only be interested creating a happy life, but also interested […]

April’s Fool

Today is blog day. Today is also the beginning of a new month and I’ve turned all the calendars and said “white rabbits” as I was taught as a child; but I’m going to give the “pinch and a punch for the first of the month” a miss.   The 1st of April is commonly known as […]