Nourish Your Soul

The daffodils growing at the base of the old stone wall, by the gate of the field, were gossiping. Their heads were sometimes nodding in agreement or shaking as they disapproved. They were having a good ol’ natter.

“Oh, look – Rose is visiting again” one of them said.     daffodills

“She’s early this year – I wonder why?”

“She’s come to see the family, that’s why” one replied a little crossly as the head nodded vigorously up and down.

“No. She’s come for some Cumbrian peace and quiet” came a call from the far end of the wall.

“No she hasn’t” said Mrs Know-it-all, who stands by herself, a little away from the gossiping group. “She’s come for the Big Event over the Easter Weekend”.

“Oh – really” said the others, nodding and swaying in admiration. Mrs Know-it-all certainly did seem to have her finger on the pulse.

The real reasons

It seems to me that there is never only one answer to a question. And the above are all the reasons I’ve spent last week in Cumbria.

I came to visit my brother and sister-in-law; to enjoy their company and – although it takes a little getting used to – to enjoy the gentle unfolding of a (mostly) unplanned day. Life with them is much more relaxed than the life I usually live.

Mrs Know-it-all was right. I did come to Cumbria to exhibit and talk at the Spirit of Cumbria Mind Body Soul event that was held in Penrith over the Easter Weekend. It was a new venue for me and I had a lovely time and met some amazing people. It was a highly successful weekend – and great fun.

Feeding your soul

Nearly everyone I know say that one of the things that brings them peace is to walk in nature.

I am awed by the beauty of wide, green open spaces – and Cumbria definitely can deliver those. Expansive views give me a sense of freedom and peace – it’s almost a peace ‘that passeth all understanding’.

Walking through a wood is good, but for me, it is mountains that fill me with awe. Those of you who know me are not Friars Crag-4-Sept-2016Friars Crag-4-Sept-2016Friars Crag-4-Sept-2016Whinlater-2-Sept-2016 surprised – for I love mountains. The sea is wonderful, but it really doesn’t ‘do’ it for me.
But the splendour; the might and the grandeur of the mountains: their majesty and power,  inspire and feed my soul. Drape them with mist to increase their mysticism; throw in the odd lake – and I’m complete.

After a week in Cumbria, my soul is nourished. I am rejuvenated, with clarity and renewed enthusiasm for life and my work.

I hope you had a good Easter break and that you found time to walk through the woods or by a lake; or to dig in the garden.  I hope you did something to nourish your soul.

If you’re interested in the call of your soul, you might be interested in a talk I gave on the Teachings of Abraham Hicks.

Let me know if you did. I love to receive your comments.

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Rose Todd

  • Elle Bloomfield says:

    Hi Rose, Lovely to read your blog re mountains/Cumbria! I was very near you on Easter Saturday as I hiked the Yorkshire 3 Peaks. So, I was also in the mountains and it was glorious sunshine, the Yorkshire Dales at their best, even if a bit cold and windy on the mountain tops, in fact I nearly got blown off Whernside! Very refreshing! So likewise…”my soul is nourished. I am rejuvenated, with clarity and renewed enthusiasm for life and my work”. To steal your excellent words, as they describe exactly how I feel after completing the 3 Peaks Challenge. Hope to see you soon. Love Elle

    I hope you had a good Easter break and that you found time to walk through the woods or by a lake; or to dig in the garden.

    I hope you did something to nourish your soul.

    • Rose says:

      Hi Elle. Oooo. The Yorkshire Dales sound wonderful. I’ll put them high on the list of Places to visit. It sounds as if you had a really good time – although hard work climbing 3 peaks in one day. Tiring, but I can imagine, very satisfying achievement.
      Glad that for you too, your soul is nourished and your outlook on live restored.
      warm wish

  • Judy Sharp says:

    I lived for many years in the glorious Algarve and there, it was the beach for me, out of tourist season, when golden yellow sand stretched for miles and the ocean played in and out on the tides. Back in England, it’s the woods, the trees that do it for me – or the South Downs (closest we have to mountains here in Sussex!). But yes, Rose, you’re right, nothing recharges the batteries like Nature.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Judy. Thanks for your comment. I lived in Dubai and loved walking along the beach too. And the woods and trees of England with the daffodils and blue bells
      are a great joy. However mountains hold something special for me. Its their might: their grandeur – their majesty that really makes my heart sing. I think our lives are so busy and full these days, that we don’t take enough time out to recharge our batteries. best wishes.

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