The Law of Attraction and Success

Last weekend I took part in a Mind Body Soul event and had a lovely time.

Looking forward

I’d been looking forward to this event for some time as its one of my favourites and I hoped that the visitors to my stand would not only be interested creating a happy life, but also interested in my coaching programme. I felt it was going to be a really successful weekend.  Everything was flowing and it was all positive.

Having set up my stand, I pottered round to say hello to the friends I knew and to introduce myself to the people I didn’t.  One of the stands had a large wheel of fortune with lots of positive feelings marked on the wheel.   I gave it a spin and it stopped at Enthusiasm.  That was me – full of enthusiasm about the weekend.

I was given a card with a saying about enthusiasm with a punch line about our attitude to the outcome of events.

And I started to think – you know how I like to ponder.  So I got some tea and thought.

And I went back over some basics:

I create my own reality and I create more of what I’m feeling.
I was really pleased and excited about the event and knew it was going to be really good.
I had a good time.  Feeling good – expected more good to come.

Wrong outcome?

But —– you knew there had to be a ‘but’ didn’t you, or else why am I writing this?

Only two people asked me about the Law of Attraction, wanting a quick fix.  They didn’t seem able to take the responsibility for their lives, so they drifted off.

I was hoping to get some new clients from the event and I didn’t get the outcome I wanted. (Not only didn’t I get any bookings for coaching but no one even asked me about it!)

Does this mean that it wasn’t a successful outcome? Yes – I felt disappointed. That is until I adjusted my thoughts and changed my attitude. I had several in depth conversations with three or four people and I had a lovely response to my new talk on the Soul Connection – the spirituality of the Law of Attraction. The talk was a great success – but overall, was it a success?

A hidden success

No and yes.  The No is because I didn’t get any new clients that day.

Did I get what I expected? – obviously, The Law of Attraction always delivers what you expect – but not on a conscious level.

Was the weekend a success? – Yes. I’d had a wonderful time.  And the weekend showed me a particular deep seated belief that I need to change.

If you’re looking for a particular success, check out the 30 Day Diary – the Pathway To Success.

Feature Photo – Success is a mind-set

The photo is of me climbing Mount Snowdon – my 70th birthday present from my children.  Did I get to the top?  No. But I got to ‘MY’ top and I was very pleased with my achievement. Success is a mind-set – which by the way generates more success.

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Rose Todd

  • Hi Rose

    Sorry I missed your talk but am really interested in the subject, maybe you could make it the topic for a future blog. Thanks. Christine

    • Rose Todd says:

      Thanks Christine. Good idea – I’ll do that. Have a happy Easter.

  • Judy says:

    Hi Rose,
    I’m still learning to understand about the degree of surprise I feel when I receive something or something happens…if I am not surprised then I know that my belief and expectation is right. If it is hard work to achieve then I know that my beliefs and expectations need working on…and I do need to keep on working!! Judy

    • Rose says:

      Hi Judy. Thank you for your comments. I wouldn’t have used the word ‘surprised’ but its a really good way of looking at it. I think – if you have to do too much; put in too much effort, then there is a belief involved that needs to be released. You know yourself how wonderfully effortless, the most magical creations, manifest.
      I’m off to Cumbria within the hour. Have a happy Easter.

  • Cat says:

    How funny. I could have written exactly the same article. Had exactly the same experience. And yes something is stopping my desire. More work to be done.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Cat. How funny and what a coincident. Although we know there are no such things as coincidences! For me the realisation that the belief is there, is the ‘biggest’ release, and then listening to/reading inspirational stuff – reminding me that I’m making it all up and that I have the power of Source at my back and I can be, have and do anything I want. That always helps. Thanks for your comment Cat. Happy creating. Rose

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