Law of Attraction and My First Manifestation

A long time ago I heard that I can create my own reality. This seemed like a gift from heaven as I was often unhappy with my lot! ‘Hallelujah’ I thought – ‘I can make everyone do what I want them to do and then I can be happy’!

I’m sure I can see you smiling – because you know this is not how the Law of Attraction works. But I was only just starting out on what has become the most amazingly incredible journey for me.

Once I felt I’d got the hang of how it worked, I decided I’d create something. I was by myself in the house and I made myself a cup of tea. One always needs tea at important times in life – and this was a very important time.

But I wasn’t sure what I wanted to create – so I started to thumb through a magazine, looking for inspiration.

law-of-attraction-manifestationsMy eyes fell on a camera. I didn’t have a camera (mainly because I didn’t – and still don’t – take photographs). Yes, a camera was a good thing to create.

I followed the creation steps: visualising what I wanted, feeling having it in my hand: feeling excited and thrilled with the camera. I held this snapshot of a vision for 33 seconds and then I dropped the image and returned to drinking my tea and looking at the magazine.

And promptly forgot all about it.

Three days later, my husband came back from a trip. He was very pleased with himself as he’d bought me a gift. He never bought me spontaneous gifts – what could it be?

Well, you know what it was. He’d bought me a camera – exactly the camera I’d seen in the magazine!

I was delighted. I was very pleased to have the camera, (which I did use) but, as you can imagine, I was absolutely thrilled that my conscious creation had manifested!

Can you remember the first thing you manifested? I’ll be delighted to hear your story below.


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Rose Todd

  • well i don`t know if i manifested it or not?? … My daughter and her partner wanted some furniture, they looked at red leather 3 piece suite. I thought about how good it would look in my house. They bought it, split up and part of it is back in my house.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello David. If its in your life, you created it. But it wasn’t a ‘conscious creation’. It was conscious in as much as you thought it would look good in your home, but not really what I meant, because you didn’t go through the conscious creation process.
      However – well done – you have some read furniture that you like at home!
      best wishes. Rose

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