My fun idea... (book giveaway)

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During one of my recent Group Coaching calls and one client had a major breakthrough. That was not unusual… but what was a bit unusual was that it wasn’t through one of her own questions!

It was because somebody else asked a question!

This just reminded me that for every person that asks a question, there will be many others who were wondering about it too, but that don't have the confidence to ask…

This got me thinking ... that's just the same with comments on my blog. I really do appreciate the comments and questions as I get to know you personally a little better.

Plus your question will most likely help somebody else too!

So, my fun idea was to give away a free copy of my book EACH MONTH to the person who asked the most interesting question or who started the most interesting discussion on the blog each month.  Just a bit of fun really…  

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It would be great if you would join in the spirit of this idea.  The comment or question you leave on a blog might unlock your own (or somebody else’s!) success...

Let’s create a great community together… all whilst you discover more about creating a happier and more successful life….

You could win a free book… If it is you, then I’ll package up the book and pop it in the post to you… and you should get it the first week of the month… so I do hope that join in…

I’m really looking forward to receiving your comments and questions on the blogs.... Why not get going right now... ?  

Warm Wishes...