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How are you energy levels?

It’s Officially Spring!Been feeling tired lately?  Are your energy levels low?I can almost hear you saying…”Yes Rose – but what has this got to do with Spring?”..well more than you realise. The Energy of Spring Today (20th March 2022) is the spring equinox.  It’s the day our earth is exactly halfway between winter and summer.  […]

2 Vital Elements to Creating Happiness and Success

Sometimes when you give a book a second read, or when you hear something you’ve heard before, but told in a different way, it means much more to you.  Today, I’m talking about Feelings and Intention. I often tell you the same things in a slightly different way, just in case you can see things […]

Are You Vibrationally Ready? 

It’s a simple question and the answer is either Yes of No. Well, it’s bit of an unecessarily question really, because if you were vibrationlly ready, you’d already have all the manifestations you want and you wouldn’t be reading this. Vibrationally ready … You are an emotional mix.  We have lots of emotion and feelings […]

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