An Introduction to the Law of Attraction

There was a buzz around the town: a certain excitement and my friends and colleagues were asking me if I’d read a new book called The Secret about the law of  attraction.  ‘It’s just up your street’ they all said. Some talked about how the law of attraction worked and explained that I could have everything I wanted with the law of attraction.

I was intrigued.  I was living in Dubai at the time and it seemed that as soon as a new consignment of The Secret came into the bookshops, it flew off the shelves faster than the swallows heading south for winter.

The Secret

At that time, I had been consciously creating my life fairly successfully for about 15 years, and life was pretty much as I wanted it.  But I was eager to read the book that had caused such a stir!  No wanting to chance it and wait longer than I needed to,  I cut out the middle man, and I ordered the book from England.  This way I knew I’d get a copy by the end of the week.

The book spoke of an ancient, natural law that turned thoughts into things and would bring us all the all the things we dreamed about.  Think about a new car and, hey-presto, the law of attraction would deliver it into your life easily.

It’s a good book and it opened the door for millions of people to the fact that they can create happier lives. Some became so enthralled and took to creating a better life like a duck to water.  Others, unfortunately didn’t seem to get very far and, disappointed, they gave up.

The law of attraction

The law of attraction is a natural, and an extremely powerful law of our universe that works on the principle of ‘like attracts like’. Our universe is made up of electromagnetic energy – energy moves and vibrates.  We live in a vibrational universe and we are vibrational people.  The law of attraction working  on the principle of like attracts like, draws similar vibrations together. This magnificent law manages the energy of our universe.

How does that tie in with you and I creating (or as a lot of people say, attracting) what we want into our lives?

Thoughts and feelings

Our thoughts and feelings create or generate an electromagnetic energy that has a vibration. We are like radio masts transmitting our vibrations (our thoughts and feelings) out to join all the other vibrations of the universe and, because of the magnetic character of the energy, similar vibrations gather together.   Then, as Einstein discovered, energy becomes matter – or thoughts become things.

Because of the nature of the law of attraction – like attracts like – we can only receive into our lives, experiences that are similar to those we transmit.  The law of attraction only works for each one of us individually, (it responds to every one of our thoughts) so we can’t create anything for anyone else.

Repeated thoughts
with intense feelings

We create our world through repeated thoughts and intense feelings that have become our beliefs about ourselves and life.  These beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind. So unless we make a conscious choice to direct our thoughts and feelings where we want them to go, our lives are created from our subconscious mind, without us realising it.

The tricky part of creating what you want in life is to keep your focus on what you do want and not on what you don’t want.  We can’t possibly keep track of every thought, but we can notice how we feel.  If we don’t like how we feel, then we know that we’re not going to like what manifests.

In a nutshell, it’s a matter of finding pleasing ways of being happy and keeping a positive attitude to life.

My first conscious creation

But enough of the ‘heavy stuff’ about how it all works.  We all love a story and especilly stories about the  law of attraction, so, I’ll tell you a tale.

I have now been consciously creating my life since the late 1980s and I still remember my first conscious creation, 25 years ago.

In 1987, the spiritual teacher I follow began teaching that we create our own reality.  By the time it filtered through to me (then living in Hong Kong) it was 1991.  I’d been listening to the tapes and seminars for a while and one day I decided to create something consciously – to see if it worked!  I knew I created my reality – I’d been doing it for years, but I didn’t know how  I did it.  So could I do it consciously? Could I do it succesfully?

One morning, the house was quiet. My husband was away on a trip, the children were at school and the cats were having their morning nap.  So I got myself a cup of tea (one always needs tea at important times in life) and I settled down to go through the creation process.  But I wasn’t sure what to create so I thumbed through a magazine.  My eyes fell on a camera.  I didn’t have a camera. That would do nicely.

Successful manifestation

So, remembering what the camera looked like, I closed my eyes and went through the process of imagining, thinking about the camera, conjuring up excited feelings, visualising it – and then I ‘dropped’ the visualisation.  I opened my eyes, finished my tea and got on with my housework.

Three days later, my husband came home from his trip and he was very pleased with himself.  He’d bought me a spontaneous gift.  He never bought me unexpected gifts, so it was a wonderful surprise!

And you know what he had bought me, don’t you?  He’d bought me the exact camera I’d seen in the magazine and visualised!

It was my fist conscious creation  and I was absolutly delighted.  Yes, I was pleased with the camera, but I was thrilled that I’d consciously created it!  Yes!  (with an air-punch) I can do this!

If I can do it, so can you.  I went on to create bigger things too – the job I wanted, even when it wasn’t available, and the house and appartment I wanted, even when they were beyond my financial ceiling.  Again, if I can do you can too.  it’s just a matter of learning how it works and how to it,  and then shifting your focus off what you don’t want and focusing on what you do want.

I have written a easy-to-read book to help keep your thoughts focused on where you want to go.

My book This & That

This and That – a Tea and Biscuit philosophy on life and the law of attraction.

“Loving “This and That” (Rose’s book) and I’m making it part of my daily happiness routine. It sets me up for the day”.
Debbie H.  Herts.

Over to you

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Rose Todd

  • Kay says:

    I remember my first ‘creation’, although I didn’t realise until about 50 years later what it was I had done. Those of a certain age will remember the pop group The Monkees. They were every school girl’s dream and they were coming to London! I was beside myself with excitement, I daydreamed all day about seeing them, meeting them and the excitement grew and grew until I almost burst. I was so totally convinced that this would happen.
    The real point was, I had no hope of ever meeting/seeing them, as my mum was a widow and we lived hand to mouth so I could never have afforded a concert ticket. Undeterred, my friend and I (both of us only 11 years old) followed a group of screaming girls and got on a tube train to Kensington, where, as we stood outside The Royal Garden Hotel, were treated to an impromptu concert by the boys from their first floor balcony! Magical!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Kay. Thank you for your wonderful story! Now, you know what you know (how creation and manifestation works) and you look back at successful expereinces, you can see how your committment and excitement created such a wonderful and (almost) personal, magical concert! This definitely is the stuff of dreams! I love your success story. Thank you for sharing with us. Rose

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