Monthly Archives: December 2015

Christmas Gifts

Christmas is nearly upon us again. I’m not complaining – I love Christmas. But I think I must be the oldest child on the block. However, if I had a complaint, which I don’t, it would be about how fast this year has gone by. It seems but a few months ago, that I was […]

Reinvent Yourself

Do you find yourself in the same old exhausting situations day after day? Or perhaps caught in a downward spiral of negative thoughts?   Do you feel as if you’re stuck and going round and round in circles, making the same mistakes all the time? Could it be, that the story you’re telling yourself is actually […]

Let’s Have Fun

Have you ever woken early with a  busy mind? I’m sure you have. I woke very early the other morning and my mind was  so busy, so to try and slow it down a bit, I started to play with words.  But I didn’t fall asleep again as I intended, I had fun!  I started […]