Let’s Have Fun

Have you ever woken early with a  busy mind? I’m sure you have.
I woke very early the other morning and my mind was  so busy, so to try and slow it down a bit, I started to play with words.  But I didn’t fall asleep again as I intended, I had fun!  I started playing with affirmations and this is the result.

Two types of affirmations   I_am_sussessful_in_whatever_I_do

We need two different types of affirmations:
one for how we feel about ourselves and
one about what we want to achieve.

The Alphabet Affirmations are about ourselves and I think should be spoken every day and definitely should become part of your daily manifesting routine.

The Alphabet Affirmations

Changing our beliefs involves change how we think about ourselves so here’s a fun way to make up some amazing affirmations about you!
Get together with friends, or run through them in your mind when you’re travelling.


AlphabetI AM Amazing and Awesome.

I AM Brilliant.

My Creativity flows freely.

Life is Delicious.

I AM living an Exceptional life.

I AM Free.

I AM filled with Grateful for all that I have.

I HAVE more Happiness in my life than I ever believed possible

I LOVE Inspiration.

I find Joy in so many different things

Kindness is as simple as a smile.

Love.   Love is around (sing the song)

Magic and Miracles happen to me every day.

New Opportunities flow to me.

I take time to Quiet my mind and find Peace.

I allow myself to Receive the abundance of the Universe

 I AM SUPER  $ucce$$ful in all that I do.

I Transform every day in so many different ways.

I AM Using Universal energy to bring my dreams to life.

I AM Valuable.

I have Worth!

XYZ  – is the end of the cycle.  At the end of every cycle is a new beginning.  As one door closes, another opens.  As one day finishes another begins.

Use this idea and have fun with it.  Add your own – play with the alphabet and some affirmations.
Anything that you have fun with, takes you to the ‘miracle vibration’.

The 30 Day Diary is a programme that will help you through the first 30 days of your transformation.  There is a closed Facebook Group you can use as a meeting place to chat to others who are walking the same path as you.

Have a look now – I know you’ll love it.




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Rose Todd

  • Judy King says:

    I love these Alphabet Affirmations and have been having great fun doing it with different aspects of my life. I’ve been doing it while driving today which has changed my focus away from other perhaps less happy thoughts – brilliant!!

    Another idea – car number plate affirmations!

    Thanks Rose x

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Judy. I’m glad. And thank you for writing to say so. I’m glad they were able to turn your thoughts to become positive. That’s their job!
      I hope all is well with you.
      Warm wishes

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