Reinvent Yourself

reinvent-yourself -2Do you find yourself in the same old exhausting situations day after day? Or perhaps caught in a downward spiral of negative thoughts?   Do you feel as if you’re stuck and going round and round in circles, making the same mistakes all the time?

Could it be, that the story you’re telling yourself is actually keeping you stuck in the spiral or on the merry-go-round?

I know that at some time in my life, I experienced all I’ve mentioned.  Been there. Done that. Got the T shirt – as the saying goes.

Occasionally I start my blogs with ‘once upon a time…’   Don’t those four little words transport you immediately into ‘fairy-tale’ mode, where you feel calm, just waiting for the enchantment to enfold for you?

However most of us don’t tell ourselves fairy-tale stories.  Do you know that the stories we tell ourselves, in one way or another, are always playing out in our minds.  Our self-talk never stops and often it’s the self-talk that takes us in downward spirals of negativity.

Just stop a moment and think about your story?  Is it a story of struggle and woe?  Perhaps you tell ‘hands-over-your-face’ stories of when you’ve been hurt, disappointed or you’ve messed -up big time and the guilt lies heavily with you?

Every one of us has experienced these feelings.  We all fall off our bike at some point. But (as I’ve said before), it’s not about the falling, it’s about how long you sit there, before you get up again.

Do you realise that our stories often aren’t true.  We’ll tell ourselves ‘I can’t do that’ or the good old stand-by of ‘I’m not good enough’ . These stories stop us from having a good life.  But they’re not true.  None of them are true.

We are good enough. Every one of us is good enough, as we are in this moment now!

If we don’t try, we’ll never be able to do anything.  Having the right attitude to doing something you’ve not done before is vital.  We all have to start somewhere and our first attempt might not be a very good, and so we try again.  My mother used to say ‘it may not be good, but it’s better than it was’.

We have to begin telling ourselves a new story – one that has a really good opening line: a block-buster heading!

The philosopher Joseph Campbell used the ‘hero’s journey’ frame work for his stories.  And many people still use it today.

Are you willing to allow all the wonderful things you want to flow into your life? Are you willing to be different than you are now? Who you are now is only going to create more of what you’ve already got.  Are you willing to let go of what isn’t working and move towards the new?

Write yourself a new story.  Start out where you are, facing your crisis.  This crisis becomes your turning point when you suddenly realise that ‘it’s my life and I’m the only one that can change it’!  This is a conscious choice to change your life.

From this point onwards, you turn to face life head on and you begin to look for the good and the positive in life.  Your self-talk begins to change as you begin to tell a new story; the story of how you (the hero) hacked your way through the forest to get to the the pot of gold.

And so it is that you reinvent yourself. 

I’ll tell you now, this takes an incredible amount of courage.  Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone and create a new You so  you can live the life of your dreams?

I’ve reinvented myself many times over the last decades. I’ve been a mother, a homoeopath and now I’m reinventing myself once again – a new Me for 2016!  It going to be the best year ever – I’ve been visualising it for sometime!

Reinvent yourself and have fun doing it!!

The 30 Day Diary is a brilliant way to help you focus your attention, so you can guide your reinventing process the way you want it to go.

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