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Law of Attraction and Conscious Creation

Law of Attraction Coach

This week, I’d like to talk about conscious creation as well as the law of attraction. A lot has been spoken about the law of attraction and so little about conscious creation and yet conscious creation is the most important thing in our lives. So first, let me recap about the law of attraction: It […]

The Law of Attraction Has a Present For You

There is a present awaiting your collection. It is the most amazing present. It’s wonderful and filled with the possibilities and potential that makes dreams come true. But before you open your wonderful present – please ask yourself as I’m sure you have many times before, ‘who am I?’ And please take a minute to […]

Law of Attraction: Mind Detox

If our ‘little’ moon can move all the water on our beautiful planet back and forth every twelve hours (and it does, courtesy of the law of attraction) then the ‘big’ planets must have an effect us too. Mercury, the planet of communication, is ‘retrograde’. This means, from our perspective, it seems as if Mercury […]