The Law of Attraction Has a Present For You

There is a present awaiting your collection.
It is the most amazing present.
It’s wonderful and filled with the possibilities and potential that makes dreams come true.

But before you open your wonderful present – please ask yourself as I’m sure you have many times before, ‘who am I?’ And please take a minute to answer it too, for the answer to this question determines what you’ll find in your present.

And how you answer the question, depends entirely on what you think of yourself. Whether life is a nightmare for you, or whether you’re struggling in a rut, or whether you are living the dream depends on who you think you are and how you look at life.

Which life would you like to live? I know which one appeals to me.       Present-2

So, what’s in your present?  

                      Life is the gift.
                                 It is the most amazing present you’ll ever receive.

However,  if you feel that life treats you unfairly and you feel like a ‘victim’; life will seem like a nightmare and you’ll be anxiously creeping around every corner waiting for something/someone to pounce on you.

If you think you have to ‘struggle and suffer’ to get anything in life, then you’re probably going to live in a mediocre rut. How can you possible climb out of your rut? You’ll make every effort to do so – and you’ll let everyone know that you’ve got the gold ‘Sufferers’ badge.

We’ve been taught that ‘struggling’ is worthwhile and we’ll be rewarded later – much later. But does struggling feel good to you? I’m sure it doesn’t.

Wouldn’t you rather have the rewards of life now?

There is another way of looking at your present of life, and that is ‘why would I get such an amazing present?
I don’t deserve it’! So many of us are wrapped up so tightly in guilt with the belief that we’ve done something wrong; something so terribly wrong that we don’t deserve anything – and especially don’t deserve to be happy.

Lack of self-confidence comes from feeling that we don’t deserve the good things in life.

In the BIGGEST letters I can find.


You deserve anything and everything you dream of.

So – with this in mind, I’m sure you’ve guessed – there is another way to see what’s inside your present. You can open it with excited anticipation. You are a creator of your own reality and how you use your present, will depend entirely on who you think you are.     Shhh._Secret

Now… I’m now going to tell you a secret – but ssshhhh – don’t tell the others!    Shhh._Secret

However, this wonderful present comes with a warning. It can only be used in the present moment.    

Use it well. Live with the joy in the present moment and you’ll make your dreams come true.  And to help you do this, I’ve developed an amazingly simply tool  called the 30 Day Diary.  It’s proven strategy to help you live in the moment, while you’re creating your future.  I know you’ll love it.



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Rose Todd

  • Krishna says:

    absolutely do love this

    the 30 day diary with you is excellent
    very exciting
    wonderful genious Life

    thank you so very much Rose

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Krishna. Thank you for leaving your comments about the 30 Day Dairy.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed it. It definitely is a great tool – but you do need to stick to it! 🙂

  • Krishna says:

    Hello Rose

    when you win at something and tell yourself
    I am doing a good job
    I derserve to win
    I deserve to be on the podium
    I deserve success

    is this a good way to winning again

    rather than oh I dont know how it happened it was by lucky chance the others were bad


    I much prefer patting myself on the back and saying

    I am doing a good job

    I work hard and get good results easily

    I am a winner

    this uiniverse is working hard for me to always be ahead on top on the podium

    • Rose Todd says:

      Well done Krishna. I agree. Its a much better to pat yourself on yoru back – and complain about how you didn’t do very well.! Keep up the good work. Rose

  • Krishna says:

    hello Rose
    sold two of my photos recently in the Atelier here in <portugal


    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Krishna. That’s brilliant. Very well done. Rose

  • Krishna says:

    hello Rose
    does this mean I can have a life where I am with horses and dogs in a big garden and the perfect car for me reliable and practical for me to sleep in and cook in AND have a relationship with a genteleman kind of part time . How do I do this

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Krishna. Yes indeed. It means you can have anything you want. And it manifests when you feel as if you already have it. Keep up the good work. Rose.

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