Law of Attraction – New Direction

Mercury retrograde is certainly spreading its influence over me this week.

I was going to write something smart and witty about football but have decided, under the circumstances, that it might not be entirely appropriate. I should have written about it last week.

Also, the summer solstice has been and gone too. I could see that as another missed opportunity, but I’m not going to. The solstice took place on Saturday 21st and I’m sure we’re still under its influence today – even if it’s only because I’m stretching it to cover this blog.

At the solstice the sun stops on its journey across the horizon and seems to hoover there for a few days. It’s almost as if it’s taking the opportunity to review the situation before moving on. Perhaps it’s deciding what to do next: which way to go; which direction to take now?

And so it is a really good time for us to reflect about the direction of our lives and it is a really good time to make a significant change.

There will be one area of your life that is ready for change (there always is) – and you can make it a positive change. But there is a problem with change, isn’t there? For some reason we don’t like it.

I remember going to my hairdresser of many years and telling her I wanted a new hairstyle. She asked what I had in mind, and I replied ‘Oh, I don’t know – whatever you think will suit me. And so long as I look the same, it’ll be fine’. I wanted change but I didn’t want to be different!

Change! It means moving out of our comfort zone even though it’s no longer comfortable.

It means taking a risk and moving into the unknown. (Golly, did I hear a sharp in-take of breath there!) “Move into the unknown! I can’t do that! How will I know if it will turn out alright?”

Well – two ways to know it will turn out alright. Firstly, it’ll be alright because you’ve created it (hopefully consciously) – courtesy of the law of attraction. I’ve said it before, but I’ll remind you again. Make a decision and then make it right!

And secondly, it’ll be alright because you are ripe and ready for change: ready for something new. You are ready because you’re pushing at the sides of your comfort zone.

Choose a new direction. Take a leap of faith.


My son Chris spreading his wings!

Leap with enthusiasm and you’ll land on your feet.

Step off the edge and you’ll have the wings to fly. It’s your life: you are creating it. Trust and watch the magic unfold. You can do this!



My Bach Flower Essence Tip:

If you are unsure of your direction, Wild Oat was featured last week that can be helpful.

If you’re afraid of taking that step: Rock Rose is for ‘urgent’/panic-type of fear or Mimulus and Larch will give you the courage and confidence to take the step.


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