Monthly Archives: September 2010

Ready for take-off?

Hello. I’m glad you could drop by for some tea and law of attraction philosophy; what could be better? Before I talk about expectation, I thought I’d let you a little story. In days of yore, before Rhodesia became Zimbabwe and I used to look good in an airline uniform, I was travelling ‘sub-load’ on […]

What Do You Expect?

Hello. Come on in. I’ve just got a cup of tea, so I thought I’d sit and discuss some philosophy with you.  And as is my bent, it is philosophy about the Law of Attraction. My brother and I have the ability to talk fluently and entertainingly about absolutely nothing.  This is a skill that […]

Mind the Gap

At some of the London Underground Tube stations there is a gap between the train and the platform. And a recorded voice booms out ‘Mind the Gap’! This is good advice so you don’t slip between the platform and the train, but also when consciously creating with the Law of Attraction. At one of my […]


Yesterday I had cause to think about how it is that sometimes we only see what we expect to see or hear.  Let me tell you a story about what my daughter refers to as ‘Man-looking’.  Her husband calls from the kitchen “where’s the marmalade?”  She replies from the lounge “in the cupboard, where it […]