Yesterday I had cause to think about how it is that sometimes we only see what we expect to see or hear. 

Let me tell you a story about what my daughter refers to as ‘Man-looking’. 

Her husband calls from the kitchen “where’s the marmalade?”  She replies from the lounge “in the cupboard, where it always is”.  “No it isn’t!” he shouts back. “Are you really looking – or are you Man-looking”?  She goes into the kitchen, opens the cupboard and takes out the jar of marmalade that was right at the front of the shelf. “How can you expect me to see that?   It is a different brand! I wasn’t looking for that”.

This little story is only analogy to what I’m talking about, but it got your attention!  We do only hear and see what we expect to hear and see.

Our thoughts and feelings cause us to vibrate at a very unique and particular frequency and due to the law of attraction we are only able to receive things on a similar vibrational frequency. It’s like you tuning your radio to 98.4 FM and then trying to listen to a programme on 104.FM.  You can’t do it.  You can only receive what is on your wavelength.

Have you ever gone back to a book you read a few years previously?  I dip in and out of my books all the time.  And I’m sometimes stunned at what I find in them on the second or third reading.  When I read those same words – the words I’ve carefully underlined in pencil to make them stand out, I suddenly have a completely different concept of their meaning and a different world opens up for me.  I’ve changed, re-tuned my frequency to a higher vibration and now I can see more than I did before.

And it is the same with life.

(PS I wonder if any of you noticed an ‘interesting’ word that I slipped into the story?  It is ‘expect’.  Expectation is such an important part of creation.  I have such a wonderful story to tell you about expectation – maybe next week?)

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