Instant Answers

This morning I’ve spent a considerable time going through an automated telephone response system in an attempt to find someone to help me. Eventually I found ‘Customer Options’ which was the most helpful option I encountered.
A lady with the very nice automated ‘British Telecom voice’ said to me “you have to queue to get an answer”.
And I thought, this might be so for British Telecom but, thank goodness it is not so for the Universe. When talking to the Universe, we get ‘instant, rapid response’.

Whenever we see something we get a thought. This thought now starts to think, it is focused and the Law of Attraction swings into action. And now, by the Law of Attraction, more similar thoughts of the same vibration are drawn to it and the manifestation process is underway.

Now the very clever part of our wonderful universe and its set-up is that emotions and thoughts go together. And although you may not notice the thoughts that sometimes flicker through your mind, you certainly do notice the emotions. Our emotions give us answers immediately! Emotions tell us what we want to know. There is no queuing here. You know exactly how you feel NOW – and you know whether you feel happy about something, or if you are unhappy and uncomfortable about it – you’ve got your answer. It works instantly, very personally and uniquely for every one of us.
We do not have to queue to get our answers. We have instant communication.
I love the Universe!
I’m delighted that you were able to join me for tea and philosophy. Hope to see you again later in the week.

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