Tea and philosophy

Tea and philosophy

Welcome.  Come on in.  I’m delighted you can join me in my musings about God, life and everything; and very particularly, the Law of Attraction – which is everything!

This blog site is the result of a seed that was sown in a discussion over coffee, with some friends.  Seeds sown with fun, laughter and love are planted in rich, fertile soil and have so much potential and opportunity.

I hope that you, friends I know and friends I have not yet met, will come and  join me in tending this site.  I value your input.

I love questions. Asking is the first step in the process of creation. Ask and it is given.  If we don’t ask questions, we don’t get any answers. And without answers we cannot grow and expand to become that wonderful person we can be; filled with love, hope and trust.  I’ve noticed that a good answer to a question always generates more questions – and that’s just how it should be.

We all know that ‘from an acorn the mighty oak tree doth grow’ – or something similar.   Join me in my musing on life so we can all become like a strong oak.    When I sit down to write my blogs, I like to get a cup of tea; it’s as if I’m having a chat with a special friend.  Please join me for tea and philosophy.

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