Monthly Archives: January 2015

Law of Attraction and Transformation

On Sunday I went to a gathering in Bournemouth called The Giving Back Conference. It was a good day with 4 very inspiring speakers – it was just up my street! In one way or another, they were all talking about transformation. So I thought today, I would too. We know that transformation can be […]

Law of Attraction blog. Releasing Dead Wood…

The Dog, my brother and I were out for our morning walk around the local roads and lanes. ‘Walk’ is a loose term you understand, because its pace is entirely dependent on how many interesting things The Dog wishes to explore. However, on this particular morning, there wasn’t much to capture The Dog’s attention or […]

Law of Attraction: 5 ways to make a definite change

There really is something intoxicating about the idea of making a completely fresh start with a new year.  With good intentions, we wave goodbye to our ‘last-year’s’ self with all our bad habits and, hopefully with the power of the law of attraction, we set our intentions for the new year. We decide to lose […]