Law of Attraction: 5 ways to make a definite change

aw-of-attraction-5-steps-to-succesThere really is something intoxicating about the idea of making a completely fresh start with a new year. 

With good intentions, we wave goodbye to our ‘last-year’s’ self with all our bad habits and, hopefully with the power of the law of attraction, we set our intentions for the new year.

We decide to lose weight, go to the gym at least 5 times a week and even plan a new savings programme.

We are now half way through January and how many of our resolutions have fallen by the wayside?  I’m sure you’ve realised by now that making resolutions rarely works. 

Although the idea of making major changes to every area of our lives is very alluring, too much change too quickly is not easy to sustain.

How does a baby learn to walk? Slowly, with tremendous determination and patience: and they take one small step at a time. 

It has been psychologically proved that making several small changes are far easier to stick to, as well as being far more effective.

Here are 5 small steps to help you feel better – and then when the law of attraction responds – you know what happens.  The better it gets the better it gets.

1.     Although 2 weeks on some sun drenched beach is a great way to sooth the stresses of life, you don’t have to wait for your annual holiday.  Take time to have a Daily Dose of nature.  Find a park or a wood where you can walk sometime during the day. 

2.     Is meditation on your ‘must-do’ list for this year?  Spending 20 minutes every morning trying to meditation with the clock ticking beside you is not going to work. However, you can start out taking 20 seconds to be mindful of this moment now. 

Just breathe in and notice what and who is around you.  Being mindful of this moment is a very powerful way to bring you into the present moment – where everything happens.

3.     Instead of attempting to go to the gym 5 times a week, try walking 15 minutes each day. You could even try running for 100 paces and walking for 100 paces to get you moving, soon you’ll be up to 150 paces.  I used to do this on the treadmill in a dim and distant life.  Now I’ve just started yoga. 

4.     There is lots of research that gives the benefits of journaling. So, with your morning tea of coffee, pick up a pen and write down your thoughts.  You can use it to change your perspective on something.  I use it as my time to write my goals: thoughts and feelings.  As I’m imagining my future life, I count this as my visualisation time.  5 or 10 minutes is enough to change something in your life.

5.     Here’s a nudge about spending wise spending.  When I see a workshop I’d like to go to, now I think twice about going.  I’m a metaphysics-junkie. I’ve been to more workshops and seminar than you’ve had hot dinners.  I would always book spontaneously. I came away disappointed from a lot of them. Now I wait a few days and see if I really want to go. 

Also I have a money jar.  I put one or two pound coins in the jar a couple of times a week. It soon mounts up.  This is part of my spending money when I go to San Francisco in October to my spiritual seminar.

5 small things that are not difficult to remember to do – you can allocated onto each finger to help you remember. 

You’ll find, at first, they’ll bring small changes, but because of the nature of the law of attraction, small changes turn into a new and wonderful life.


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