Monthly Archives: July 2014

Law of Attraction, Picked Up the Baton

Have you noticed the tag line on my website and on my emails? ‘Nothing changes until you do’. Have you noticed that I constantly refer to You and the law of attraction? Have you noticed which word has the capital letter to show its importance? So – your life is not what you want it […]

Law of Attraction, Got the Wobbles?

Do you remember the wobbly-man toy? Its lots of fun as the man wobbled from side to side. But he apparently never got where he wanted to go, but just kept wobbling between here and there. Are you wobbling between here and there, I wonder? Well, if you’re not there, then I imagine you are. […]

Law of Attraction: Creation Advice

It happens to us all. Sometimes we just don’t like our life. Maybe not every area of our life is a disaster: but perhaps there’s one area that needs much more than tweaking – it possibly needs a complete make-over. Just in case this describes your life, I thought I’d give you some quick advice […]

Law of Attraction and Wimbledon

Before the Men’s final at Wimbledon on Saturday afternoon, the words “TENNIS IS A MIND GAME” flashed across the TV screen and oh, my goodness, was it ever. Did you watch? I did. Two brilliant players and both wanted to win. They edged their way forward to 5 sets. 4 hours and a handful of […]

Law of Attraction – Bows and Arrow

I feel a certain contentment as I write to you this week. Contentment? No – it’s not contentment. I think it could be better described as ‘smugness’. This picture was put on Facebook for me by one of my family and I think it holds one of the keys to conscious creation. An arrow can […]