Law of Attraction, Got the Wobbles?

Do you remember the wobbly-man toy? Its lots of fun as the man wobbled from side to side. But he apparently never got where he wanted to go, but just kept wobbling between here and there.

law-of-attraction-got-the-wobblesAre you wobbling between here and there, I wonder? Well, if you’re not there, then I imagine you are.

There are certain things that I know you about how the law of attraction works. But I’ll just remind you in some bullet points to lay the foundation for today’s blog.

Your thoughts and feelings generate a vibration.

The law of attraction responds to your vibration – and sends you more.

That’s it really isn’t it.

Well there’s a little more.

When you experience something you don’t like, you immediately know what you do want.

That’s easy to understand too – isn’t it?

There is a gap between where you and where you want to be – and that gap is a gap in resonance.

As you think about your dream, you raise your vibrations – and the law of attraction responds to the high vibrations and your dream is on its way to you.

But then you notice that want you want is missing and – you focus on what you haven’t got – and the law of attraction responds to that. You wobble between what you want and what the fact that you haven’t got it.

So, you’re just like the wobbly man – you wobble back and forth – and so every time you send out high flying vibrations, the law of attraction responds – and then you go and ruin it all by wobbling.

Now, if you were able to find a way of holding the resonance of your dream stable, then the law of attraction could finish the job and deliver it to you.

I can hear you all groaning ‘but how! It’s so difficult’! And yes it is difficult to think positive thoughts: to believe and expect your dream to arrive when you are focusing on the absence of it.

You have to find a way of keeping your high vibrations stable so it can come into your life.

Soften your focus – think of anything at all that makes you feel good – the law of attraction doesn’t care whether you’re feeling good-feeling thoughts about your dream or about gardening: walking in the woods; thinking about your children/grandchildren or petting the cat.

Find an easy subject to focus on that makes you feel good and expand it: keep it going – get your high-flying vibration stable – and guess what? The law of attraction will deliver your dream (perhaps in a different form) but it will deliver the perfect thing to make you happy.

And want more do you want?


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