Monthly Archives: October 2014

Law of Attraction: Focus or Happiness.

I’m not here – I’ve gone walk-about! As you read this, I’m sitting on an aeroplane, winging my way to Los Angeles, to attend a spiritual seminar over the Halloween weekend. I’ve not been to LA at Halloween before and I’m looking forward to seeing all their amazing decorations. This morning I decided to think […]

Law of Attraction: Positive Thinking

There’s a short time when the light of the day meets the dark of the night. That time is called The Twilight Zone. As the twilight deepens into the dark, it becomes more difficult to see. But as the light withdraws, your eyes adjust so you can see what’s around you. If the twilight would […]

Law of Attraction: Riding a bike

There is a saying that once you learn to ride a bike you never forget and I think this is probably so. Although I haven’t ridden a bike for decades, I think I’d manage alright – but with a lot of wobbling. I don’t remember learning to ride but I do remember my children learning. […]

Law of Attraction: The Launch!

Crash! The champagne bottle broke and bubbles and foam sprayed everywhere as I launched the ‘good ship’ “The 30 Day Diary” last night with my first-ever webinar! Thirty people gathered for the occasion and we were all in good spirits. And – therefore, it follows, that a good time was had by all. If I […]