Law of Attraction: Riding a bike

There is a saying that once you learn to ride a bike you never forget and I think this is probably so.

law-of-attraction-riding-a-bikeAlthough I haven’t ridden a bike for decades, I think I’d manage alright – but with a lot of wobbling.

I don’t remember learning to ride but I do remember my children learning. There was falls, scrapes and scratches before they managed to stay upright on two wheels.

And even then there was a lot of wobbling.

The amazing thing about the children learning to ride, is that even when they fell off, after the tears were wiped away and the plasters put in appropriate placed, they always got straight back on the bike and started on their wobbly way once more.

Learning how to create all the lovely things you want in life is a bit like learning how to ride a bike.

You enthusiastically write the new story of your dream, making it rich with wonderful feeling emotions, and go through all the processes that are suggested and the excitement carries you through the first couple of days..

Then something happens…

Perhaps you have a slight accident in your car; a bad day at work or the children are upset; a fight with your partner – and you lose your focus and wobble. Your balloon has burst!Your enthusiasm, your excitement and perhaps even your hope are lost in an instant!

You’re caught in a wobble.

Or you’ve held your high feeling emotions for what seems like ‘long enough’ and still there is no sign of your dream being delivered – doubt and anxiety set in! You’re wobbling.

It is difficult to find some way to lift our spirits again when we’ve taken a knock. Recovering after a wobble takes focus. Just the same as when you fell off and scraped your knees when you were learning to ride and you dried your tears and got back on your bike again.

Do the same now when you wobble and feel you’re not getting anywhere. Dry your tears; put a plaster on the hurt and get back on your bike – and focus on where you’re going. Read and connect to your new story.

When you learnt to ride a bike, you were told to – “look where you’re going”.

That is the best advice ever for bike riding, car driving and for consciously creating the life of your dreams.

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Rose Todd

  • gina says:

    How many times do you pick yourself up and get back on? Really finding life a struggle.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Gina. You pick yourself as many times as you fall down. If you don’t like where you are, or where you’ve been – there is only one other way to go – and that’s forward. But it is OK to sit for a while and have some tea before you get make on again. Keep going: you’ll get there.

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