Law of Attraction: Positive Thinking

law-of-attraction-positive-thinkingThere’s a short time when the light of the day meets the dark of the night. That time is called The Twilight Zone.

As the twilight deepens into the dark, it becomes more difficult to see. But as the light withdraws, your eyes adjust so you can see what’s around you.

If the twilight would remain, you would become adjusted to living with less light and you would be able to see well enough to live and that would become ‘normal’ to you.

I think that, over the years, we’ve become so used to living in the Twilight Zone of our negative emotions that they become ‘the norm’.

So ‘normal’ in fact, that we don’t even recognise when we are feeling down or glum.

But we can change our lives! In fact we are the only ones that can.

We can change our lives by simply changing how we think!

In effect, we can switch on the light and see really clearly. You can be in control of your own life, but first you have to become aware of, and then take control of your thoughts, – always guiding them to see the positive in life.

Positive thinking! I said it was simple – I didn’t say it was easy.

In fact it is difficult and takes a lot of effort, time, practice and patience.

Yes, it is difficult to become aware of each feeling and every thought throughout the day. But that is the only way you can bring about a real change. And for me – not doing it was not an option!

Positive thinking is one of the most important things you need to practise all your life.

Unfortunately, lots of people seem to think that ‘wishful thinking’ is positive thinking.

Do I hear you ask ‘aren’t they the same?’

No they’re not and here’s the difference:

Wishful thinking is saying things like:  ‘I do wish things were better; I’m sure everything will be better tomorrow/next week; I’m sure I’ll get a better job one day.’ Wishful thinking is not going to change anything in your life.

Now Positive Thinking, that’s a different kettle of fish. Positive thinking is not something you do once or twice when things go wrong. Positive thinking is a way of life. It’s a way of living. It takes dedication, practice and there are techniques you can you use to help you reach your goals. These techniques and practices need to be done, as much as possible, on a moment by moment basis – until they become habit.

It’s much like driving. At first it was difficult to remember to do all the things that need to be done at the same time, but with practice you get to the stage of doing it automatically, so much so, that you’re not aware of driving at all.

There are plenty of helpful books and tools available these days. Although the books can supply knowledge, motivation and inspiration – that knowledge isn’t useful to you unless you use the tools and techniques daily.

You need to put your hands on the steering wheel. You are in charge; and need to practise and train yourself. It does take a lot of consistent discipline to retrain your mind and eliminate any negative thoughts and beliefs, but it is so worth it.

You can do, have and be anything you want in life: but you first have to become positive about life – then the having and doing seem to follow naturally.

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