Monthly Archives: February 2017

Can You Recognise Your Story?

The 3 Myths of Man Do you know your story: the story you tell all the time? If you don’t, I sure your friends do. The stories you tell over and over will have different names in different places, but it’ll be the same story – because that story is re-creating your life. Last week […]

Are You Living A Myth Or Your Dream?

The 3 Myths of the Law of Attraction Your dreams are too important to put on the back burner.  Perhaps you’ve tried to create something amazing and although you’ve done all the right things, it still hasn’t worked. This could be because you’re working from ‘ misplaced ‘truths’. A myth is a story that generally […]

Are You Ready For True Love?

Do you remember the first time time you fell in love? Do you remember how dizzy you felt? Falling in love is delightful and delicious. Exciting and exhilarating. Ah romantic love! There’s nothing like it. It is intoxicating. Of course you remember. It’s not something you’ll ever forget. You were walking on air and deliriously […]