Are You Living A Myth Or Your Dream?

The 3 Myths of the Law of Attraction

Your dreams are too important to put on the back burner.  Perhaps you’ve tried to create something amazing and although you’ve done all the right things, it still hasn’t worked.

This could be because you’re working from ‘ misplaced ‘truths’.

A myth is a story that generally carries an ancient truth – but not all myths do carry the ‘truth’. Some myths have become corrupt through frequent telling.   And so it is with the Law of attraction.

I would like to dispel some myths about the Law of Attraction and creation and manifestation.

Although I’ve been consciously creating my life for over 25 years, it is only been in the last decade or so that I’ve heard a lot of ‘stories’ about the Law of Attraction.  Today I’m going to tell you about three of them.

If you have been using these myths for the foundation of creation and manifestation, then these are very likely the reason you’re not living your dream now.

The first myth is that …

The Law of Attraction is not a manifesting technique
it is the most powerful law of the universe.

Universal Energy

Our universe is made up of electromagnetic energy.  This energy is managed by an extremely powerful, natural law of physics which is now called the Law of Attraction.  (When I was at school it was called Cause and Effect).

This law works on the principle of like attracts like, which means similar vibrations of energy are always being drawn together. You know about like attracts like as you always like to be with like-minded people.

The amazingly powerful law of our universe is not a manifesting technique.

The second myth is that the Myth-2

This myth implies that you have very little to do with your life and the Law of Attraction holds the power.
This is not true!

You are creating your life 
moment by moment –
whether you know it or not 
Life does not happen to you – you’re creating it all.

However, if you don’t know about the Law of Attraction then you don’t know you’re doing it.   Everyone is creating their lives, but few are actually consciously making choices to create something new and exciting each day.  Most people are just re-creating what they lived yesterday.

You know people who tell you the same story over and over – different names and different places – but the same story.

YOU are the creator of your life and this therefore means that you, and only you, has the power to change it.

The Law of Attraction does not create anything for you. Your life is created by your thoughts and feelings – and the universe responds in every moment of every day.

 The third myth is that …

not the Law of Attraction.

Before you become aware that you create your own reality, you have no choice – you are creating by the default settings of your belief system – which is what most people do – and they call that Fate!

But once you know that you create your life (as you now do – you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t) – you now have a choice.  You’re here and you made a choice.

You’ve taken the first wonderful step and now you can choose to create your life by Design.

Now is the time to bring your dream off the back-burner and start dreaming, visualising and planning.  Now is the time to live a life that is rich in love, living your higher purpose.

I call this living your destiny. 

As well as the 3 myths we believe about the Law of Attraction, there are also 3 myths that form the foundation of our beliefs about life and ourselves.   You can discover which myth is your story in next week’s blog.

But in the meantime, I love hearing from you, so please leave a comment. And don’t forget to watch out for next week’s blog too.

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