Have You Heard Your Clarion Call?

Have you noticed that when you’re about to take an important step forward – the step that is definitely moving you towards living a fulfilling life of purpose and meaning – your heart suddenly sinks into your stomach and you think ‘Oh my god! I can’t do this’!

And your standing, frozen, in pure terror. It would be easier to face a charging elephant than to face what you know you’ve come to earth to do: to actually admit that this is what you came here to do.

You have now entered Soul Resistance!
How do you feel?

So how do you feel when you’re facing your biggest challenge ever – to respond to the clarion call of your soul? There is something calling you forward and you have to do it. You cannot not do it and it terrifies you.

What is it that terrifies you as you’re about to set forth on the most important journey of your life? The immediate thoughts that come to me are ‘I can’t do it. It’s too big a job or I’m too little. And of course, there is ‘what happens if I try and I fail – what happens if I don’t get it right’?

Oh, the dreaded humiliation of failing. You can almost hear the laughter of your family and friends who have kept on telling you couldn’t do it: you’d fail, ringing in your ears!

And yet, there is something in you pulling your forward. But pulling isn’t the right word. Pulling implies resistance. And although you might be terrified, there’s ‘something’ calling you.  You have to follow.  Fairy

It’s a bit like a child playing in the woods. The rain has gone, the sun is out and some of the raindrops are still hanging on the leaves. They sparkle as they catch the sun. The child is playing, skipping and singing her own song when suddenly she stops – she sees a sparkle! And then it was gone as quickly as it came. So to the child, the sparkle was a fairy who’d come to play with her.

There is another glint and another sparkle as the breeze moves the leaves and she follows; dancing and skipping as she follows the fairy. She runs here and there, but she doesn’t see the fairy.  And illusive fairy always calls  her so she must follow.

Do you remember how old you were when you first asked the question ‘who am I?’ The earliest I can remember asking was when I was around 15. But there isn’t only one question we ask, because immediately after the ‘Who am I’ question comes ‘Why am I here’?

For some, there comes a times when we’re looking for something more out of life: looking for the one thing that will give our life meaning. We’re looking for a depth and a richness that meaning and purpose give our lives.  What gives our lives meaning and purpose is the illusive fairy: the clarion call of our soul to walk a very particular path.  The answers to the two questions will indicate the path of the soul.

I have found my answers to both those questions.

I have a beautiful way to guide my exploration of my soul and who I am.  It has also gave me a wonderful map to follow to find out why I’m here.  It’s easier to work out than you think.

I know you’ve asked these questions because everyone does. We’re given curiosity to help us discover who we are, and so we can hear our soul that keeps calling us home – home to live a life of meaning and purpose – home to walking the path of our soul.

So what is my biggest tip for a path of self discovery?  Without a doubt it has to be understanding your emotions and learning to recognise them and to use them to their full potential.  For me, this was life changing and it happened when I started to use the Bach Flower Remedies.

If you’re interested in the Bach Flower Essences and you’d like to use them as a ‘metaphorical map’ to help you discover who you are and to help you redefine what you are here to do, please feel free to read more about the Bach Remedies here.

Your Turn: Please let me know what – have you ever had the “I can’t do this” feeling?  How did you approach it… what happened?  Leave a comment below and let me know…

Warm Regards



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